Non-Natural Alternatives To Tussionex Cough Syrup

This Is One Of The Strongest
Tussionex is one of the strongest drugs on the market today when it comes to suppressing coughs and dealing with cold and cough issues in patients. As such, and because of its hydrocodone ingredients, this cough medicine is not really something that has too many alternatives, whether over the counter or prescribed.

There Are Many Other Options
That being said, though, there are ways to use other drugs and medications to get the same results as you had with Tussionex, while avoiding taking this if you are concerned with its hydrocodone capabilities or want to find something else that works better for you and your particular situation. In particular, it would do you well to seek out chlorpheniramine alternatives, as well as dextromethorphan combination products of various kinds.

Dimetapp is one of the more popular over the counter medications available today when it comes to suppressing coughs and cold, and for good reason – it works! It is not as strong as this medicine, so if you are looking to knock yourself out and sleep the night through during the height of a cold, you may need something stronger than Dimetapp, but rest assured – Dimetapp is a safe product that can work wonders when it comes to clearing your cough and head cold.

NyQuil And Related Products
We all know NyQuil and zzzQuil quite well, as they have become very formidable and famous over the counter medications when it comes to cutting back on the cough and making yourself healthier for sleep and daily life. While they are surely not as strong as, say, Tussionex, NyQuil can get the job done for people who are feeling a little bit sick and want to wake up with a good night’s sleep, feeling refreshed and healthy after time.

Triaminic’s Family of Products
Triaminic makes a host of things from chewy tablets, to cough syrups, all of which can be taken at or over night and used to help you sleep more soundly. When it comes to cutting down your cough and making you feel better, Triaminic can go a long way for an affordable, safe and simple over the counter medication with no frills and no added problems or side effects.

These All Will Work Fine
While these medications all work just fine, though, it should be noted that none are Tussionex. By design, Tussionex is incredibly strong with its hydrocodone formula, and as such, it is a medication that works quickly, effectively, and over the long run in a very strong manner to get you happy and healthy again.

It Can Have Very Dangerous Side Effects
That being said, though, it is important to know that Tussionex is also a medication that can come with dangers and side effects simply due to the presence of hydrocodone. As such, you must be careful when consuming Tussionex to ensure that you do not overdose off the medication or cause any major health problems in any way from using the medication incorrectly. Double check with your doctor about proper usage of Tussionex and all these alternatives before beginning any self-medication scheme, to ensure maximum safety.

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