Tussionex medication

Tussionex is a medicine that a health care provider may prescribe in order to relieve or prevent a wide variety or upper respiratory symptom issues caused by things as simple as allergies or the common cold. It can come as a suspended released strength format, or on an extended release suspension model, and most typically works to cure these allergies or colds, or at the very least, make the symptoms more palatable and workable in every day life.

This particular medication in question is ideal when it comes to dealing with coughing, sneezing, or a runny nose, and as such, it is a medication often prescribed to people who want to get rid of the awful and annoying symptoms of the common cold without having to worry about significant side effects, or other issues that typically take place with strongly prescribed cold medications.

Intense Pain Relief at Once
Tussionex is a medicine that only comes in one form – extra strength, that includes a Pennikinetic Extended Release Suspension form, which allows for long release, and strength that can work to relieve symptoms of the common cold for hours and hours on end. The medication is intense, with each teaspoon of the Tussionex containing 10 milligrams of hydrodcodone and 8 milligrams of chlorpheniramine. Those two active ingredients are what give Tussionex Suspension such power and intensity, as they work to completely cure and improve cold symptoms through alleviating symptoms and making the experience more palatable for people wishing to continue to live their daily life without worrying about their sickness.

Directions for using this medication
Tussionex is most typically consumed twice a day, with people taking about twelve hours between doses. It is tolerable in most cases, as people tend to adjust to the medication well and see it perform great results on their colds and allergies. However, side effects can occur, and if those side effects are not managed, they can be relatively serious. Side effects can include dizziness and drowsiness as a result of the combination of the medication itself, and the cold and allergies that are taking place, as well as constipation and other issues surrounding the stopping of bodily functions, and more.

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Do Not Take Codeine Medications Lightly
Tussionex as a medication contains codeine, which means that along with getting rid of your cough, it’s going to get rid of a lot of other problems too – namely, taking away your pain and giving you that warm fuzzy feeling. While that warm fuzzy feeling can be great, codeine is a strong painkiller, and when you take too much, you can really quickly overdose off Tussionex and get high, or worse, impair yourself permanently.

While codeine can be consumed in small doses safely, getting high from Tussionex with several doses in short order can create problems due to the codeine, namely related to cardiac arrest, general stupor and unawareness, long-term nausea, and even comas and death depending on the amount of overdose.

Additionally, Tussionex can manifest itself much more strongly with alcohol and when alcoholic beverages are present, as the codeine mixes with the alcohol to create a mind-numbing drink that can negatively effect your body very quickly. Additionally, mixing this medication with other drugs can create massive side effects and other negative problems, as well.

This Medication Can Be Abused
While Tussionex is a relatively easy medication to come by, there nevertheless is a significant risk in abusing it as a prescription medication. This prescription drug may not look strong and serious, but getting high is a significant risk for both teenagers and adults alike in this manner, and this prescription has unfortunately been abused by many in this way due to the presence of codeine. While Tussionex is a critical cough suppressant and, when used properly, a wholly effective medication when it comes to avoiding sickness issues and masking symptoms to improve quality of life, this prescription drug can still nevertheless greatly effect your body when used improperly or abused leading to addiction. Codeine dependency can create massive health and body problems, and eventually if left untreated, lead to cardiac arrest, coma, and death.

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Report medicine abuse to professionals
If you or someone you know has a problem getting high or using Tussionex in a way not ideal or perfect for medication purposes, talk immediately to a doctor or other medical professional about a course of action to avoid the physical and consistent abuse and fix any medical problems that may have come from the abuse or misuse of the medication. Tussionex is a serious and strong medication, and its powers must be respected and taken seriously when it comes to living a healthy life and creating a worthwhile lifestyle without getting high off this prescription drug, or other medications with codeine or similar materials.

Talk to your doctor for more information
For more information on what a liquid suspension medication is, as well as how this drug specifically works and what to expect in regards to the medication itself, talk to your primary care physician or health care provider. A doctor will be able to guide you through dosing guidelines and instructions, as well as go over what requirements and side effects you must consider when thinking about using this prescription drug as a medication for self improvement.

We all become affected by colds and allergies, and they can be very annoying when it comes to living a full, healthy, and happy life. Because of that, it is critical that when you are affected by the common cold, you have a reliable solution to figure out the cold in your body. Tussionex will work wonders when it comes to curing your symptoms and improving the scourge of the common cold within your body. Talk to a medical professional about how you may be able to best use this medication in order to help your body, and improve your own overall health as you search for medical remedies. You will find it very effective when it is used as directed and used in a healthy manner.

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